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The Professional Industrial Mop Manufacturer
Starray Enterprise was founded in 1995 and since then Starray Mop Industries Sdn Bhd, which is located in Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia was incorporated in 2005. Starray Mop specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of a comprehensive range of high-quality mops, cleaning products, aluminum handles, and telescopic aluminum handles as well as household products. We believe that quality, prompt service, and cost are the main factors upon which our customers demand. We have more than 20 years of experience in mop manufacturing and have grown to be pioneering and leading mop producers.
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Starray Mop

Our Products

We have a wide range of products made to order and under strict quality control. Today, our policy is for continuos developmetn and design, adding new products to the range and improving on existing products. Listed below are same of the products that we manufacture, such as:
Dust Mops & Frames

Dust Mops & Frames

  Cotton Dust Mop Refill
  Acrylic Dust Mop Refills
  Microfiber Dust Mop Refill
  Microfiber Dust Mop Refill with Frame
  Strap Mop
  Dust Mop Frame
  Large Cotton Dust Mop 16*16 with Frame
  Large Cotton Dust Mop Frame
  Ceiling Duster Frame (CDF)
  Light Duty Ceiling Mop Frame (LDCMF)
  Heavy Duty Ceiling Mop Frame (HDCMF)
Kentucky Mops

Kentucky Mops

  Kentucky Mop Complete
  Kentucky Mop Refill
  Colour Kentucky Mop Refill
  Stripped Kentucky Mop Refill
  Microfiber Kentucky Mop Refill
  Kentucky Mop Clips
Circular Mops

Circular Mops

  Complete Striped Circular Mop
  Baby Circular Mop
  Colour Circular Mop
  Microfiber Circular Mop
  Striped Round Mop
  Blended Circular Mop
  Microfiber Round Mop
  Complete Colour Coded Circular Mop
  White Blended Round Mop
  Complete Colour Blended Round Mop
  Z-String Microfiber Circular Mop
  Blended Striped Circular Mop
  String Microfiber Circular Mop
Window Cleaners

Window Cleaners

  Heavy Duty Ceiling Mop Refill
  Heavy Duty Ceiling Mop Frame
  Hydusting Mop
  Acrylic Hydusting Mop
  Light Duty Ceiling Mop Frame
  Lambswool Refills and Holders
  Doodlebug Scrubber Pad Refill
  Cotton Hydusting Mop
  Colour Cotton Hydusting Mop
Mops Handle

Mops Handle

  Aluminium Handle w/o Screw
  Aluminium Handle with Screw
  Aluminium Handle Exchangetable Screw Head
  Aluminium Handle (hook) w/o Screw
  Telescopic Aluminium Handles
  Heavy Duty Metal Handle
Cleaning, Hygiene, Household & Gift Products

Cleaning, Hygiene, Household &
Gift Products

  Wiping Cloth
  Microfiber Wiping Cloths
  Cotton Wiping Cloths
  Ironing Board Covers
  Floor Rugs
  Mop Slippers
  Magazine Rack
  Hand Gloves
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Copyright © 2021 by Starray. All rights reserved.
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